Subic – Olongapo – Zambales (Part II: The Beaches, New Year’s Eve)

Yesterday, we just arrived in Subic late in the afternoon. There was nothing much to do so my brother and I drove around later that night and drank some beer at The Lighthouse. Contrary to yesterday’s mood, we wanted to make the most out of this trip since today was New Year’s Eve. It’s the last day of 2014 already!

After grabbing some late lunch, my brother and I decided to check the beaches north as we have never gone further up before in Subic.

The Beaches

1) Half Moon Beach


Our first stop was Half Moon Beach which took us around 15 minutes to reach. Beach was almost empty when we visited. There was only one family and a group of friends.


The beach has a dark-grey sand and the water is fairly clear. You can see the mountains from the other side which is already part of Zambalesย (if I’m not mistaken).


2) Sierra Beach



From Half Moon Beach, we headed up north to Sierra Beach. Travel time was around 8-10 minutes. If the previous beach was almost empty, this one was totally empty when we visited. There was probably just one fisherman on his boat.


The sand in Sierra is a bit whiter than the one in Half Moon. You almost get the same view from the previous one since their distance is only around 1+ km away.

Sierra Beach

3) Baloy Beach

Our final stop was Baloy Beach. It took us around 10-15 minutes to reach from Sierra Beach. Contrary to the first two beaches where you enter the beach grounds right away, you had to enter a small town. The town is heavily populated by Western expats.


Compared to the first two, Baloy is more of a long sandy coastline bordering the said town. The water here is more on the bluish-green shade while the sand (like lava ash) is darker but fine.


We didn’t expect the beaches to be that easily accessible. Once you exit the Kalaklan Gate towards the RH5 National Highway, you just follow this main road and you will easily pass by all three. There are also other beaches along the way. All three beaches charged us entrance fees per person. Since we didn’t intend to stay long or use any of their facilities, the operators from all three beaches gave us a good discount.

New Year at Subic

There wasn’t really much going during New Year’s Eve in Subic. Much of the celebration is concentrated along the Boardwalk. Just before it hit 12mn, we drove around the area to witness the fireworks display.


The fireworks display lasted around 15 minutes. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch any good shots of the display. Establishments like The Lighthouse also had their own fireworks display but wasn’t open to the public. You had to avail of their New Year’s Eve package to enter their grounds for this night. You can still witness it from afar though. The one for the public is much better!


I am not sure what happened afterwards as there was a stage upfront with live performances. A lot of the crowd dispersed after the fireworks display and so did we.

Part III is the most exciting leg of our trip!

–ย The Tourist Pao


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