Bali, Indonesia (Part IV: Brown Feather Bed & Breakfast)


Brown Feather is probably my favorite out of the three places we stayed in at Bali. I found this place at the last minute which gave me a bit more breathing space in terms of our budget.


Situated along Batu Belig, it is near the other places we wanted to see like Ku De Ta and Potato Head Beach Club.


Since we got a good rate when we booked this place, we chose their largest room called the Suite Magena. This room features a copper bathtub in the bathroom. The overall design is rustic and has a very homey vibe to it.


Our room is located in the ground floor at the far end of the establishment.



If you’re planning to stay around the area (near Seminyak) but don’t want to blow your budget, I strongly recommend staying at this place.


Go to Part V to see where we went during our third day in Bali.

– The Tourist Pao


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