Cebu (Part II: Cebu City, Henry Hotel)

Our trip to Bantayan Island is one for the keeps! However, it was time to return to Cebu City. The travel time coming back took longer for some reason. On top of the that, it suddenly rained when we just arrived at the North Bus Terminal.




We headed straight for check-in at Henry Hotel. This establishment is fairly new and I have seen a lot of good reviews about this hip establishment. The place is managed by a hospitality group which is evident with the staffs who look very young and eager.

(By the time I’m writing this post, I recently discovered that they opened another Henry Hotel in Pasay, Manila)



We booked a Large Room which was very spacious already. The only comment I have is the dining area (or table) located at the back of the bed. There were no lighting fixtures of any sort which we found very dark when eating.


Tired from our island excursion, we took a quick siesta before heading out again. Since we just visited Cebu a few years back, we only visited a few places where we haven’t been to this time. Our first stop was the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. There was already an ongoing mass so we headed to the prayer room.


It was already nighttime when we left so we decided to go straight to the newly-renovated Mรถvenpick Cebu (previously Hilton Cebu). We were just supposed to check out Ibiza Beach Club but we actually ended up having dinner and grabbing drinks after. Before midnight, we decided to return to our hotel.



Our last day in Cebu was something I was looking forward to. Our first stop was to check the 1730 Jesuit House. The place is full of culture and history apart hidden inside the still operating hardware warehouse. Apart from the guide, we were fortunate enough to talk to the owner, Mr. Sy, who shared stories about his antique collection. He even played his rare old-school vinyl jukebox. This place is a must-visit if you’re into historical and nostalgic things.


To cap off our trip, we had early dinner at Abacaย Boutiqueย Resort. Though we didn’t have any reservations, we were able to get a couch table with the nearest view of the sea. I always wanted to stay at this resort but I have never been able to due to the hefty prices of their rooms. I guess, trying their restaurant is the closing thing for the meantime.


It was raining so strong just when our dinner ended. Thank god the resort was nice enough to call us a cab. While on our way to the airport, we were actually contemplating to check-in at Abaca if our flight got cancelled. Luckily, the rain suddenly stopped and our flight departed on time. That was a good-bad scenario for us! Maybe, I can get to stay there when I return to Cebu (for the 3rd time).

Next time… Camotes Island and Oslob

– The Tourist Pao


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