Baguio Revisited (2013)

Last 2013, we went to Baguio for the second straight year. I am writing this post since we were not able to pass by Baguio last 2014. Hopefully, we get to return again and keep visiting on a yearly basis. New traditions so to speak for our family.


After spending time in Manaoag for prayer and devotion, we reached Baguio just in time for dinner. We first checked-in at The Manor located in Camp John Hay. The rooms were very cozy and has a family vibe to it.


For dinner, we wanted to tryย Forest House Bistro & Cafe.



Our table was located at the veranda. The cool weather was just right during the time we visited Baguio. Food was just okay.



After dinner, we were lucky enough to get a tour of their bed & breakfast rooms. Another place to consider when we return to Baguio.



We then headed back to Camp John Hay. Before going to bed, we had some hot chocolate and played a bit of board games. Family bonding time!


During the next morning, I cannot wait to load up on the breakfast buffet at The Manor. I’ve been hearing good reviews about their breakfast. It certainly did not disappoint!


After breakfast, we did an early check-out since we stayed here for just one night.



We then headed to Mines View Park to enjoy the view and some fresh air. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit nearby Good Shepherd Convent. This is where you get most (if not all) your Baguio goodies to bring home.


Also try the strawberry taho that’s only available here in Baguio. You should easily find someone who sells them around Mines View Park.



For lunch, we went to Hill Station atย Casa Vallejo – an establishment that’s been here for so long.



Don’t forget to check the Mt. Cloud bookshop as well.


Well, that’s it for my Baguio trip! We had to return to Manila already. A quick but memorable family bonding trip.

– The Tourist Pao


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