Third Thai’s A Charm – Bangkok (Day 4: Wat Saket, Jim Thompson House, Asiatique)

Today was the last full day of our Thailand trip. Despite my 3rd visit in this wonderful country, there’s so much left to see here. We started our day by eating in one of the nearby restaurants which served some yummy pork noodle bowls. I am not quite sure what this dish is called but I am giving it two thumbs up!


From Loog Choob Homestay, we headed to our first stop – Wat Saket. We actually have a view of this temple from our roof deck. At night, it was lit up and you can see the “Golden Mount” from afar. This place is an active temple and we noticed people walk in a unified circle motion around the mount. We didn’t stay that long as we did not want to disrupt their flow of motion.



Our next stop was the Jim Thompson House. I actually have no idea what this place was about apart from it being a “must-see” in most travel guides. Apparently, he was a successful American who eventually moved to Thailand. He was into the whole Thai silk industry and was also a collector of Asian antiquities. The result of this would be the museum which contained restored Thai houses as well as his collection of antiques.  It also had a shop that sold Thai silk wear under his own name.


The museum was a fantastic visit from all throughout. Guests were provided a guided tour in batches. After that, you can go around and take photos on your own leisurely time. The great mystery surrounding this outstanding gentleman is his disappearance during his visit to Malaysia. Something I only picked up before the tour ended. I felt a slight eeriness at that moment…!



From the Jim Thompson House, we visited the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. If you’re into the whole modern art culture, this place is for you.



We then passed by several malls while walking around the streets of Bangkok such as Siam Paragon and Central World Plaza. If you’re into bargain shopping, you should go check the nearby Platinum Fashion Mall.


It was already nighttime at this point and we had one more stop left. We visited the newly opened Asiatique. This is an open-air mall in the Chao Praya River which contains lots of shops, eateries, restaurants and other activites. If you have one free at night in Bangkok, I recommend visiting this place.



As I’m writing about Asiatique, I checked Google and this was on the same side of the river where we came from. Makes me wonder why we had to ride a boat to cross the river?


Well, that’s it for our last full day in Thailand.

Third Thai’s A Charm – Bangkok (Day 5: Chatuchak Market, Terminal 21, Siam Paragon)

– The Tourist Pao


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