Third Thai’s A Charm – Bangkok (Day 5: Chatuchak Market, Terminal 21, Siam Paragon)

With my girlfriend by my side, it was mandatory to visit Chatuchak Market before we left Thailand. We spent most of our afternoon here to do some last minute shopping. Like always, the place is cramped with locals and tourists alike so be prepared. Definitely a must-visit place for bargain shopping of all sorts.


After, we moved to Terminal 21. A mall which wasn’t open yet when we first visited Thailand. This mall has a unique concept where each floor has it’s own unique world city theme. Popular cities like Paris, Tokyo, London and Rome are represented here. No love for Manila?!




True story: We had dinner in one of the open diners in the market at Terminal 21 which I will not mention the name of. I chose this specific place because it was: 1) A cuisine that I like, 2) Prices seem to be affordable and 3) There was no line. I should have noticed these red flags but I was too stubborn to look for another place to eat at. Food seemed to be okay since we were starving at that point. As I received the change of our bill, I noticed that I was short a whole THB 500. When I asked the lady to re-check and give me the missing amount, she seemed startled at first. I then insisted that I was shorted and she immediately gave me my THB 500. For a fact, I really believe that she intently shorted us our change as she was neither apologetic nor surprised about the incident.



By nighttime, we then moved to our last stop – Siam Paragon. We checked out the Paragon Cineplex but did not have the time to catch an actual movie. After that, we did some last minute buying at the supermarket where we also had some tapas for our light dinner.


It was already 9 PM so we decided to grab a tuk tuk to head back to Loog Choob Homestay to grab our luggage. From there, we took a cab to head to the airport.


This officially marks the end of my 3rd trip to Thailand. This is definitely my favorite trip out of the three by far. Ayutthaya brought it’s own quaint appeal which I really liked. Navigating around Bangkok as a repeat visitor was much more fun this time around. And yes, Baan Thai House and Loog Choob Homestay were both gem of a finds.

I should be back again soon! Next stop: Chiang Mai!

– The Tourist Pao


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