About Me

My first love is the arts. I am a self taught designer at heart. My first real job was when my design was published as a notebook cover back in high school. Fast forward to college, I interned as a layout designer for a start-up magazine (back then) during my last school year. In 2005, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in MIS at the Ateneo de Manila University. Worked for a well-known IT company for about 2.5 years but decided to resign in hopes of starting my own business. It didn’t take off as expected so I then shifted to work for my family (until present) – underpaid. Currently, I have started my own business but have yet to earn from this endeavor. On and off, I immerse myself into new ideas with the desire to make a living from what I enjoy the most – art and travel.

I have tried several times to start my own travel blog (or log). I did so back then but never in a consistent manner.

P.S. Hopefully, this new one is for the keeps!

– The Tourist Pao


3/31/16 – 2016 and Beyond: It’s been more than half a year since I updated my personal travel blog. So much has happened in between those months… read more


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