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Taipei All Over (Day 3: Chia Te, Yayoi Teishoku, Airport Lounge)

Our last day in Taipei was a quick one. Our flight was scheduled around 8 in the evening which is why we wanted to leave by around 4 PM so we can still go around Taoyuan Airport

We headed to Chia Te located just outside of Nanjing Sanmin Station to buy some pineapple cake goodies! This by far is the only pineapple cake brand that we purchase to bring home. I suggest that you order their original pineapple flavor as well as the variant with egg inside.


Afterwards, I spotted this Japanese teishoku restaurant called Yayoi just a few steps away from Chia Te. Since we did not really plan where we would be having lunch that day, we decided to give this restaurant a try.


The first thing I noticed is the self service option where you can order straight from the screen on your table. Given that we were first timers here, we were eager to give it a try!


Again, let me just re-iterate how good Taiwan’s Japenese cuisine is. Their pork tonkatsu rivaled some of the premium tonkatsu places available here in Manila. Price was also very affordable!

After, we headed to Sogo located in Zhongxiao Fuxing to buy some last minute goods in the supermarket. Likewise, we also went back to Zhongxiao Dunhu to visit a store called Hot Dog Toyz where I purchased a few items for my brother.

When we arrived at the airport, it was still quite early. I was expecting a quick check-in so we still have a lot of time to go around. Unfortunately, we had to wait for almost an hour before the counter opened. There were already quite a few number of people in line waiting earlier than us. Good thing was we were the first to line-up in Business Class.




We had about an hour to go around Duty Free to buy some last minute items. Most of the high fashion brands are offering 50% off on select items. After we rushed around to look for some last minute purchases which included a necktie, some facial cream and a bottle of Japenese liquor, we spent our last 30 minutes in Taoyuan’s airport lounge.


I would definitely want to come back to Taiwan for the 3rd time this year if there is an opportunity to do so. Until next time!



Hanoi (Day ½: Kuala Lumpur Layover)

Since the ticket we (me and my brother) booked for Kota Kinabalu was only one way, I decided to extend our vacation by travelling to Hanoi after. Of course, we had this planned a few weeks prior to our trip.

Our adventure starts in Kota Kinabalu. Right on the same day that we returned from our summit climb back to the city. While the rest of our group headed elsewhere before their morning flight (back to Manila the next day), me and my brother were stuck at the hotel lobby prepping up for the next leg of our trip. We already checked-out the day before so we had no choice but to fix our belongings in the lobby waiting area. I really wanted to take a bath at this point but the comfort room did not have a shower. The last time I had a proper shower was roughly two days ago – the night before we hiked Mount Kinabalu. Yuck!

It was quite late when we arrived back at the city so I rushed packed, took a half bath (You do not want to know how) and changed into fresh new clothes within 30 minutes before we headed to the airport. It was almost 8PM when we arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Upon check-in, we were lucky to be given choice seats for our first flight and exit row seats for the second. Since we booked via AirAsia, we had a connecting flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur followed by a 6-hour layover before heading to Hanoi. I was so tired at this point that I already fell asleep before we even departed.


As soon as we arrived at KLIA2, I decided to take my brother to the Petronas Towers. It was his first time in Kuala Lumpur while it was already my fourth time to visit this city. I was expecting a quick in-and-out at the towers but our short layover side tour took longer than expected. We did not have much choice but to find a driver at the airport. And yes, I know the rate given to us was inflated.


Despite our initial hesitation, I am glad that I was able to bring my brother here. I recommend visiting the towers at this time when no one is around.


Going back to the airport, our driver made a slight mishap and missed the turn back to the airport. Fortunately, we took the next exit and we were able to return in time.

We grabbed some breakfast at Old Town White Coffee located right at the airport entrance. I made him try some teh tarik. Probably my favorite drink in Malaysia! A few minutes later, we were back at the departure gate ready to board our plane to Hanoi.

Hanoi (Day 1: Essence Palace Hotel, Hoa Lo Prison, Sofitel Metropole, Hoan Kiem Lake)

– The Tourist Pao



Osaka, Japan (Day 1: Umeda District)

Last April 2014, I finally traveled with my family to one of my dream destinations – Japan. For the most part of the trip, we toured around Osaka with the inclusion of a day tour around Nara and Kyoto.


Our flight was around noon time so we arrived in the afternoon at Kansai International Airport. We initially had problems communicating with our pick-up from the airport so the delay did not give us much time for the rest of the day.



We went straight to Umeda district to check-in at Hilton Osaka.


At night time, we just strolled around the nearby area. The weather was still cold and breezy during the time that we visited. We were so delighted (which we later regretted) with the cold weather in contrast with the hot summer back in Manila.


For dinner, we just passed by Daimaru (in Osaka Station).


We were able to pass by the supermarket as well. This was a “teaser” for what’s in store for us during the rest of our trip.



I can’t wait to wake-up the next morning and start touring the rest of Osaka. I came prepared for this trip!

Head to Osaka, Japan (Day 2: Shinsaibashi, Dotonburi)

– The Tourst Pao