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Taipei All Over (Day 2: Addiction Aquatic Development, Maokong Gondola, Raohe Night Market)


After a much needed rest, Day 2 might be the best and most memorable day of our trip. We started our day by doing some creative shots along the hallway of Swiio Hotel. There was a cleaning service on our hallway so we had to move to another floor to take some post worthy shots.


For lunch, we headed to Addiction Aquatic Development. I was lucky to stumble on this place just a few days before our trip. They said that this was somewhat like the Tsukiji Market of Taipei. I have been to the latter as well so that information might be misleading. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed our time in Aquatic and would definitely recommend that you visit this place!


When you enter, you are first greeted by the huge open tanks filled with all sorts of seafood. Majority of them contained huge king crabs as well as other shellfish. Here, you can buy live seafood on a wholesale level.


As we moved further, we are greeted by a supermarket type section filled with all sorts of dried and fresh seafood. Likewise, their supermarket area also sell some meat, vegetables and other gourmet food.




The middle section is where all the action takes place. The outer area contains the seafood bar while the middle area is where the sushi bar is located. We had to queue and our number was around 160+. Also worth mentioning is the hotpot area located on the upper floor and an outdoor BBQ area when you exit.


We decided to try their bar section while waiting which offered wine and sake. You can also order some fresh oysters which we did not get and opted for the cheese platter instead. My girlfriend ordered some white wine while I had some cold sake.


After more than an hour of waiting, it was sushi time for us! A bit unusual but both the seafood and sushi area are both standing areas only. They probably configured it this way to maximize space.


We tried several dishes such as monk fish liver which is said to be the foie gras of the sea. It was delicate and creamy but I was not very fond of this dish. Also, on our table were some green sea urchin, both local Taiwanese and Japanese fatty tuna, clam soup and a sushi platter.


My favorite were both the Japanese fatty tuna and the sushi platter. Both were yummy! Too bad the more premium Taiwanese toro was not available at that time so it was hard for me to compare both cuts.


Lastly, we also tried some grilled king crab legs which we squeezed some lime on top. I would definitely come back for more of this! Definitely a great and memorable food experience during our visit at Aquatic. I can attest to what people say that the best Japanese food outside of Japan is here in Taiwan.



After our sumptuous meal, we headed to take the Maokong Gondola. We decided to head to the last station which was aptly called Maokong Station.


Here, you can see great views of Taipei from a mountainous location. We did not really have a plan when we arrived at the last stop so we ended up walking a bit before ending up in a tea place. We ordered some local tea served in a traditional way.





We spent more than an hour just serving each other some tea. We probably had 12-14 tea cups each before we headed back to look for some premium Taiwanese tea to bring home.


We ended up in a tea shop which prides themselves as being a distributor and direct from source shop, we did not expect to have another round of tea drinking before we purchased some High Mountain and Dong Ding tea. Definitely better than the one we tried before and we were given some tea 101 by the son of a tea master. At this point, we had so much tea in our system that it was already time to return to the city.




It was already sundown when we rode the cable car back to the city. My night shots were horrendous as the cable car was constantly moving. One big reason why I will do Elephant Mountain for my next Taipei trip.



For dinner, we headed to our favorite night market – Raohe Night Market. It was the same great night market that we visited last March which we really enjoyed. We tried several dishes that we did not eat before like the grilled abalone, grilled corn, matsusaka pork and boiled clams.




The matsusaka pork was very tasty but my favorite find is the grilled corn which had some sweet coating on the outside.


With our tummies full from another great Raohe Night Market experience, we decided to visit the Rainbow Bridge. I was quite disappointed to see that the bridge was not lit up. I just ended up taking photos of an unknown bridge on the opposite side.


That being said, we did not spend a lot of time here and just decided to head back to our hotel. It was already past midnight when we returned. We still have a half day ahead of us but we were already sentimental about going back home from our quick Taipei trip…




Osaka, Japan (Day 5: Kuromon Market, Den-Den Town, Shinsekai and more)


Our 5th day was probably our busiest and most productive during this trip. I invited my siblings to tour the other places in my Osaka list.



We woke up a bit late but we were just in time for our first stop – Kuromon Market. You can have them prepare anything that’s sold here and the prices are also cheaper than ordering in a restaurant. This is definitely a must-visit!



I am a certified seafood lover and walking around every stall is already a treat for me.


The first thing we tried was kobe beef. It literally melts in your mouth!



We also tried some fresh abalone done sashimi-style and some smaller ones that we asked them to boil. Before we left, we also passed by a small stall that sells okonomiyaki. It was delicious!


From the Kuromon Market, we kept walking straight ahead towards Nipponbashi (also known as Den Den Town). If you’re into manga and toys, this is the place for you. There are also several big stores that sell electronics. We are not really into the whole manga scene so we just ended up checking one of the electronic shops.


We walked further down and reached our next destination – Shinsekai. This is an old neighborhood built after World War II. The place has a very vintage feel to it. On the far end of this strip is theTsutenkaku Tower.


In one of the stores, we tried some Japanese green tea. We ended up staying here and talking to the shop owners. I will never forget their hospitality. They even gave us some teaware as gifts!



From Shinsekai, we took a train to Tenjinbashi-suji. This area is known for it’s 2.6 km long shopping street. We’ve been walking the whole day already! We actually tried to walk the whole stretch but it felt like eternity.


It was already nighttime when we left Tenjinbashi-suji so we decided to return to Umeda.


From the Osaka station, we decided to drop by one last stop. We went to Yodobashi Umeda. This is a building that’s dedicated to electronics. We went to the floor that sells camera and accessories. There’s a section where you can develop your photos on-the-go. They had booths where you just place your memory card and edit it from there. You then submit the photo and wait to receive your developed photo from the counter. I had one picture developed to try it out!


For dinner, we were finally able to eat at a revolving sushi bar! What a good way to end our day!



I wanted to pat myself at the back and give myself two thumbs up. Well done for Day 5!

Osaka, Japan (Day 6: Shitennoji Temple, Osaka Castle, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and more)

– The Tourist Pao