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China Trip – Xian/Jiuzhaigou (Day 3: Terracotta Army)

The 3rd day marks our last day in Xi’an. Today, we will be visiting a must-see attraction in this region – theΒ Terracotta Army. From the city’s capital, we went to the main station where several buses can take you there.


The complex is comprised of a park and several excavation pits. You can also visit the nearbyΒ Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to visit his tomb.


We first visited pit one which is the most popular. It contains the Terracotta warriors. Visiting Xi’an and seeing these sculptures in person is one of the things in my travel bucket list. Behold…


In terms of size, pit one is really huge. The enclosure contains Emperor Chin’s army all lined-up together. I was really impressed!


On the downside, the amount of tourists was a deterrent for me to fully enjoy the grandeur of this place. I had a difficult time taking a decent shot with the huge number of tourists flocking pit one.


We also visited another pit which also contained other sculptures.


For some reason, I ended up with mixed emotions after visiting this place. It was impressive but the emotional attachment was not there for me. I did not have the same awesome feeling when I first saw the Eiffel Tower or Angkor Wat.Β Maybe I’m just tired or maybe I just wanted this whole place for my own. Who knows…


From our Terracotta Army visit, we headed back to our hotel to pick-up our luggage. We then rode a hired vanΒ to bring us to our next stop – Jiuzhaigou. Travel time took several hours. We reached the foot of Jiuzhaigou around night time. Time to rest!

China Trip – Jiuzhaigou (Day 4: Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park)

– The Tourist Pao


China Trip – Xian (Day 1 & 2: Ancient City Wall and Muslim Quarter)

Before I share my week long trip to China, I would like to thank my friends who made it possible for this trip to work! For all it’s worth, I would not be able to go here without them because my mandarin could only get me so far. Not saying that you cannot go here but the hassle just made think twice about traveling to China.


Our trip officially starts in Xi’an. We took a red-eye flight from Manila to Beijing and stayed in the airport until our flight at 8:30am. Unlike other international airports like Hong Kong or Singapore, there was barely anyone in the airport past midnight. To our relief, they had a coffee shop that was open until our morning departure. I spent most of my time in the cafe and outside the airport. I guess it was a good time for me to adjust to the cold weather in China during this time of the year.


From Beijing, we took an hour long flight to Xi’an. We took two cabs to our hotel right when we landed. Our travel took longer than expected. We were weary that the driver might have been circling around the same area to charge us more. English wasn’t an option so I had to use my weak mandarin skills to talk to driver since no one else knew how to speak Chinese in our cab. He politely said that we were already near. Phew!

(As I’m writing this post, I discovered that there’s a strong IT industry in Xi’an. So maybe what looked the same was either their Industrial Zone or housing units)


Our first stop was to get to the Ancient City Wall. We passed by a park with lots of exercising equipment.


After a few minutes of walking, we finally reached one of the gates. Xi’an’s ancient city wall is currently in the UNESCO tentative list. Given how beautifully maintained and restored this place is, there’s a pretty good chance that it will be included.



I was surprised with how massive and long it is when you reach the top. As a tip, I’d recommend that you rent a bike to go around the city walls. Once you start walking, you can only exit through certain areas so you have to finish a whole stretch.


From the city wall, we went to see the Bell Tower. It is situated in the middle of a busy street. I also went to the nearby post office to send some postcards. This is a routine of mine (with my girlfriend) when we travel. Something to look forward to when we return.




Our next stop is the Muslim Quarter. This is one of the better street markets I have been in Asia.



Our last stop for the day is to view the nearby Drum Tower that’s beautifully lit at night. Just like the Bell Tower, we did not enter the inside of the structures anymore.


We just had dinner at a nearby mall afterwards. Some supermarket beer afterwards for a well-deserved sleep.


That’s it for our first day in Xi’an!

China Trip – Xian/Jiuzhaigou (Day 3: Terracotta Army)

– The Tourist Pao